Unmetered KVM 10Gbps

We are excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last year , we are expanding and adding new plans to our services! The long waited KVM unmetered plans are here ! These servers use a 10Gbps network which provides the best network speed possible in three locations : USA/Norway And Netherlands. Feel free to choose the location ... Read More »

13th Nov 2022
New unlimited Netherlands Warez VPS

Welcome to the free world.Our new Netherlands Warez/offshore VPS Monster plan now comes with unlimited bandwidth/1GBPS network. You can use these servers for torrent/port scanning/totally DMCA ignored and you can easily host almost anything as long as it is not malicious/illegal/phishing on these servers if you need more resources just send us a ... Read More »

1st Aug 2022
New Locations Poland/Spain + 17 more

Hello to all the dear customers . We are very happy to announce that we added 19 new locations including (but not limited to): Poland/Spain/Sweden/Japan/Singapore/Australia/Korea/England/France/Canada/Germany(Frankfurt) and multiple locations in USA .  Checkout our new Vultr data center plans. Stay tuned for more interesting News.   Read More »

2nd Apr 2022
New Location - Luxemburg

Dreams Come True! We are extremely delighted to announce that we have new VPS plans in Luxemburg GcoreLabs data center which is one of the best Datacenters in Luxemburg. On these Plans you can install Linux and Windows OS. Currently These VPS servers are limited stock more stock will be added in the near future. Stay Tuned for more good news.

17th Feb 2022
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